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A World Leader in business startup consullting, intellectual property IP and patent strategist, and venture capital investment due diligence.See Why IP
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Gibbs finds or develops the most competitive patent and TM position around which to build your company.
"Celebrity" doesn't guarantee success in business. We create celebrity businesses that Win.
Patent-based Venture Capital investment due diligence uncovers risks & identifies exit strategies.
Start ups and new businesses require a steady and stable intellectual property strategy to establish a competitive market position for their business. Businesses and starts ups have unique demands some of which have to be legally handled. From patents to trademarks, there are issues that need to be addressed for which young entrepreneurs and new business men may not be ready or won't have the time for. That's why business start up consultants are so important. They guide, direct and ensure that new businesses follow through with their commitment to establish a competitive business in the corporate world.

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intellectual property strategy requires as much information on the business as it does on the business market. We are professional IP strategists, patent strategists and consultants that provide assistance to start ups and new entrepreneurs entering the world of business. We offer assistance for acquisition due diligence, investment due diligence, business plans and exclusive business plans for venture capitalists. As business consultants, we not only help businesses men to create better plans and organize their ventures but also help with promotion and spreading awareness about the business. Handling and managing all the PR is also one aspect of an intellectual property strategy. TV, film, and celebrity businesses also have enough scope for IP strategies and business plans. High tech and business clients require different approaches and strategies that may otherwise be applicable to regular businesses.

Regardless of your businesses strategies, provides expert business development consulting. Clients pursuing novel business development strategies rely on to get them there.