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Patent data for investment due diligence intelligence, acquisition due diligence, exit strategies

Gibbs provides patent based venture capital investment due diligence.

We're not talking about expensive patent LEGAL due diligence - but patent based business due diligence.

With blistering technical evolution and the increasingly contentious businesses in hyper-competitive markets, start ups and early stage compani es that are founded on anything BUT an intellectual property platform will be short-lived ... but you already know that.

Early stage companies may only own small IP portfolios, but their right to exist (or dominate)
is dictated by the company's relative future IP dominance within their targeted market.

For every, there are 10 Sprouter.coms (that don't sprout). For every Facebook, there are 10 Friendsters damned with the consequences of launching without a decisively superior intellectual property strategy. Survivors will be those that domainate their IP domain, and patent based due diligence incomparably predicts who those survivors may be. Patent based acquisition due diligence then helps to identify an acquisition exit strategy.

So why isn't patent-based investment due diligence being conducted on every early stage investment?

  1. Investment firm's business analysts are not patent strategists. They are simply not expert in generating patent based data, or interpreting that data for investment decision support. Augmenting internal research with our company-specific investment due diligence reports delivers unparalleled pre-investment intelligence.
  2. Patent Attorneys are not business or marketing experts. Paying law-firm rates for attorneys to learn how to extract business intelligence from patents is cost-prohibitive. Post-funding, VCs send our due diligence reports to the lawyers for approproate legal work.

Weighed against the growing importance of IP, traditional investment due diligence processes creates a dangerous information discontinuity between the BUSINESS due diligence and LEGAL patent due diligence review teams (PHASE 1 and 2 on the next page), missing insightful, often critical based business and investment decision-support information.

Here's why.

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