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Gibbs Startup Business Consultants intellectual property strategists helps business owners build profitable startups

Not every engineer is a marketer. Not every financial guru can create a novel product or service. Not every entertainer or retired pro sports athlete can translate "celebrity" to new business success. But it's a sure bet that every business will be evaluated by investors, partners, acquirers, or stockholders at one time or another.

Our businesses incorporate a solid intellectual property strategy - critically important for investment due diligence or acquisition due diligence.

Every entrepreneur on a mission owns many parts of the engine ... but rarely all of them. We draw the plan, use all of your parts, and design everything else needed to start up and run a business.

At the far end our services, clients engage us to take their raw business ideas, research them, write the business plan, and deliver back an fully operating company - incorporated, staffed, and manufacturing and selling patented products under a trademarked brand. That's creating a Turnkey Business - some call it a "Skunk Works" project.

Of course, we'll also handle anything in between. Our engagements last from a few weeks, to many months, depending on the scale and scope of the project.

As one of the world's most innovative and performance-driven business start up consultants, Gibbs provides one-of-a-kind, personalized consulting services that help clients create game-changing new businesses that dominate!

Our work ethic, performance and professional reputation are long-standing, and without peer. Working under the strictest terms of confidentiality, we'll put our CLIENTS in front of the competition ... and help KEEP them there.

Want to build an engine? Call us - we'll put your business on the fast track.

Our expert start up business consulting and advisory services include:

New Venture Business Plans

Intellectual Property Strategy

  • IP Strategic Planning to Capture Market Share
  • Inventory Existing Proprietary Intangible Assets
  • Expand IP Portfolios by “Inventing-on-Demand”*
  • Prepare or Acquire Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
  • Support the Company's Patent Attorneys

*Patent attorneys cannot invent for their clients.

Product / Market Research

  • Technology and Patent Landscape Assessment
  • New Product Evaluation (manufacturability, salability)
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis – Competitor's Products, Markets, and IP Strategies
  • New Market Opportunity Identification and Assessment

Turnkey Business Start up

  • Business and Operations Plan Development
  • Coordinating with attorneys for proper form of incorporation
  • "On-Demand Inventing", Product Development, Marketing Plans and Sales Channel Development
  • Assistance with Investment Fundraising
  • Secure facility, staff and begin operations.
Contact Gibbs when you need the leader in our industry to help you become the leader in yours.