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Patent Strategy Before Patent Tactics — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for this info. My brother will be launching his product. He’s now looking up some experts that will come up with a patent strategy.

  2. Another thought is to focus on what will be the have-to-have consumer benefit or “choke-point” and patent around that concept. This significantly increases the value of a patent and lowers patent disclosure/filing time and money.

    • Thanks for the tip, Paul. I’m not fully understanding how this approach lowers disclosure time and money. It would seem to me that if you want to own the “choke point”, that you’d spend extra time and money to over-protect. What am I missing?

      Now at Unicorn, I had to take a broader approach since we elements of our IP are consumer-facing products, but also manufacturing processes and systems. Looked at another way – we have a product customer (the consumer), and on exit, a “company” customer (the acquiring company) – so I suppose we’re looking at two discrete choke points that will come into play at different phases of the company’s lifecycle.

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