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Our services create the core business value before our clients or their investors start spending money on lawyers. We do the heavy lift to determine what IP a company needs in order to excel - then we draft new patent applications, trademarks and copyright directions that go off to the appropriate attorneys.

We write business plans for venture capital investment built on a sound intellectual property strategy as an antecedent business-building process

Companies follow an IP strategy from the start are better positioned for ultimate market dominance.

Smartly crafted patents drive long-term business success. Most startup businesses consider patents as an afterthought - usually because there's a "patents" spot on the business plan template they need to fill in for investors.

On the other hand, venture capitalists are financial experts, not patent strategists. Short of paying the heavy legal fees for patent due diligence, investors rarely have any idea as to whether a company's patents are "smartly crafted", capable of carving out a future competitive advantage.

IP is the single most important metric used to create sustainable competitive advantage and corporate value in today's business economy, yet it remains a mysterious afterthought in all but market-dominating businesses (just ask Apple).


When new business startup clients come to us with raw business ideas; we use creative intellectual property and business planning strategies to shape their "ideas" into market-dominant business models - complete with an expanding portfolio of defensible patents, trademarks and copyrights.

There are more than 125,000 business consultants in the US, but only a mere handful who are expert intellectual property strategists. Gibbs is one of those few - a peer-ranked, World's Top 300 business intellectual property strategist.

We know why Harley Davidson was denied the trademark to it’s unique rumbling exhaust sound. If "sound" is a commercially valuable component of your products, we'll discover it, help you perfect and protect it - then leverage it for competitive market advantage.

We can model your game business after Milton Bradley that relies more heavily on the 75 year protection of copyrighted instructions than on 20 year patents.

We can identify competitors new CEOs or venture capitalists won't know about for another 2-3 years, and create a business strategy that carves out a profitable market share using a smart patent strategy.

"Good" business consultants are everywhere. But, behind every GREAT businesses is an intellectual property strategist. Intellectual property (patents, trademarks and copyrights) is the core value of the world's most successful companies.


  • Conducting patent-based market research to identify future competitors not yet in the market.
  • Developing clients' products that avoid competitors' patents, then protect them with patents of their own.
  • Creating an interwoven portfolio of patents, trademarks and copyrights that confounds competitors, and leveraged to avoid litigation, (or reduce costs if litigation is unavoidable).
  • Balancing a Celebrity's good name against the potential risks of reputation damage, helping celebrities avoid catastrophic business failures. "Celebrity" alone never guarantees success in a new business venture.
  • Anticipating future changes in technology that will impact our clients' products and markets, and we begin early protection of those evolutionary technologies.
  • Helping our clients box-in competitors by quickly patenting technologies that surround their competitors' products, giving our clients a dominant position in front of the next generation technology.

And for angel investors and venture capitalists - we perform disruptive due diligence on businesses targeted for investment that identifies future competitors, projects realistic market share potential, and that re-casts inflated sales volume or revenue projections. Our method of leveraging patent information for due diligence create information not available from any other source.

Contact Gibbs when you need the leader in our industry to help you become the leader in yours.