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Andy Gibbs is president of one of the world's most specialized business and Intellectual Property strategy boutiques that creates IP-centric, commercially valuable business enterprises.

"Every client project is personally performed or directed by me - the founder, the globally recognized Intellectual Property strategist and new product market researcher, a top-ranked new venture consultant and CEO / founder of seven start ups. Each of my hand-chosen colleagues has founded and managed at least two start ups. Gibbs delivers the best of both worlds." ~Andy Gibbs

His background includes over thirty years of front-line business experience as founder of six start ups, IP strategist, and product market research and new start-up advisor. His winning business drive was shaped by decades as a competitive amateur athlete (records survived more than a decade). His discipline and resourcefulness was shaped by his Vietnam era military service.

Gibbs' technology, corporate and market development background is deep, includes garage start up high tech ventures to Divisional EVP of international business development for a Fortune 500, and spans industry segments that include software publishing, automotive, electronics, sporting goods and medical device manufacturing, engineering and architectural professional services, and technology competitive intelligence and Intellectual Property asset management.

Andy Gibbs Intellectual Property Strategist and Business Venture Capital Investment Due Diligence Consultant

Leading IP strategist intellectual property strategist business consultant venture capital investment due diligence

   Andy Gibbs

   Small Business Advocate

In 2009/2010, Mr. Gibbs authored new federal legislation to help returning war veterans start small businesses and create solid careers. His landmark GI Bill, the Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act of 2011 was introduced into Congress on October 12, 2011 (H.R. 3167). If passed, it would allow an estimated one million veterans to use more than $50 billion in their earned GI Bill benefits to start small businesses and create sustainable jobs nationally.
Appointments and Boards
Appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce (2000 to 2004), he served two terms on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Public Patent Advisory Committee (PPAC). The 9-member PPAC advises the 8,500 employee / $2.5 billion Patent Office, and reports annually to the President and the Judiciary Committees. He pioneered to concept of regional patent examination centers which are now beginning to open nationwide.

Mr. Gibbs serves as Chairman of Intangible Asset Metrics Committee of the internationally focused Intangible Asset Finance Society.

Additionally, he is a past member of the Board of Directors, Intellectual Property Owners Association, and a recent member of the Licensing Executives Society International.

Marketing and Technical Research

He recently authored the Automaker Patent Assets Intelligence Report, delivered to President Obama's Task Force on Autos, US Secretary of Commerce, and US Treasury Secretary prior to the replacement of General Motors CEO.

He wrote and presented Statistical Analysis and Measurements of Patent Quality Indicators Within Semantically Defined Homogeneous Control Groups at Columbia University, 2008, and Practical Application of Statistical Patent Quality Analysis of Patent Portfolios for Decision Support in Intellectual Property Management

Published Author

Mr. Gibbs has authored many technical white papers, publications and software including: the corporate patent strategy book Essentials of Patents (Wiley & Sons - English and Japanese), PatentWriter (Square One Publishing), peer-reviewed White Paper Advanced document retrieval techniques for patent research (Elsevier Science), and more than 100 articles related to IP development, IP strategy, patent licensing, small business start-up, and operations management.

Entrepreneur and Innovator

He is a founder of 6 manufacturing and professional service companies, and is an inventor with 16 issued or pending US and international patents on automotive, medical device, electronics, sporting goods, methods of business, and software products and systems. His career experience has ranged from start-up entrepreneur, to division Executive Vice President of Fortune 100 MascoTech.

Six of his patents relate to systems and methods of patent analysis and patent valuation.

His Silicon Valley product design experience began in 1979 as a co-developer of many world “firsts” including home satellite TV systems, LCD watches, flat screen color CRTs, 3-1/2" floppy disks, miniature electronics connectors, automotive diagnostic equipment, ink jet printers, UV / ozone water purification systems, and semiconductor testing equipment for companies such as National Semiconductor, Memorex, ADAC Laboratories, ISS Sperry Univac, and System Industries.

Global Intellectual Property Strategist, Thought Leader and Speaker

Considered an international Thought Leader, Andy is peer-ranked one of the World’s Top 250 Intellectual Property Strategists (2009-2012), and was a member of the esteemed panel of participants in Building a New IP Marketplace – the IBM / NY Law School WIKI project that discussed policy and process for improving patent quality, transparency, fair valuation, flexibility and global consistency (2006). He moderated the Yale/IBM Standards for Standards international debate, subsequently developing recommendations on greater transparency, fairness, openness, and quality in contemporary technical standards.

He has spoken to government leaders of emerging economies on innovation-driven economic development and Intellectual Property, including international conferences sponsored by the USPTO, Korean Patent Office, Thomson Derwent, the World Intellectual Property Organization, an NGO of the United Nations, Geneva, (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bulgaria), the US Patent & Trademark Office (session and keynote speaker).

TV, Film, Media

In front of the camera, Mr. Gibbs has been show host, show guest and provided voiceover narration on various TV shows including the History Channel; !Eureka - invention reality TV pilot, Discovery Channel; American Inventor - invention reality TV pilot, US Small Business Administration; 20 Episode DVD Entrepreneur Training Series, with appearances on CNN, The Ananda Lewis Show, PBS TV, American Business Review with Morley Safer; and numerous broadcast network affiliates. He’s a frequent radio talk show guest.

Awards and Recognition

Recipient Black Caucus Award: 2005 ET 3 TEC Champion Award: Leaders Inventing Equitable Futures by Congressman Major Owens for leadership in supporting inventive thinking, entrepreneurship and invention-based educational in underserved communities; 35th Annual Congressional Black Caucus's Legislative Conference.


Mr. Gibbs has a Masters in Marketing and Business Administration, and Bachelors in Architectural Engineering from Columbia Pacific University, with additional mechanical engineering undergraduate work at Villanova University.


Mr. Gibbs is a Vietnam era US Army Veteran Combat Medic, Honorable Discharge '78, awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge. Midshipman, US Navy, Marine Corps Option, Honorable Discharge '74.

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Gibbs' CV is available upon request.