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IP strategy is the foundation of the world’s successful businesses (just ask Apple).

IP Strategists are specialized consultants who have demonstrated expertise in BOTH corporate business development, AND patent and trademark development. They are the value-added bridge between clients and their patent attorneys.

IP strategists ensure that clients do not waste money on patents and trademarks that do not align with their core business goals, and help them develop high value IP that does. We also help clients understand the difference and value between developing defensive, or offensive IP strategies.

For some clients, mitigating the risk of infringing someone else’s patent may be the smartest strategy. The investment in challenging the validity of competitor’s patents through Post Grant Opposition (under the new patent laws) could be more commercially valuable than investing in their own patents.

The IP world extends far beyond “getting a patent” - and the rules of engagement for business managers can be daunting. After understanding a client’s business goals, they simplify the client’s options.

This is the domain of IP Strategists.

As Patent Strategists, we go a step further than most IP strategists. We’re experts in patent database analysis, we help clients develop the IP needed to dominate their markets.

When patents or other IP are involved, there is always the possibility of infringement litigation. We provide integrated consulting and business decision support services directed towards strategic use of litigation to bolster an IP portfolio, including product and technical analysis, market knowledge and analysis, and economic analysis.

And, our proprietary methods (we have patents on patent analysis systems) help find potential competitors before they launch their first products, discover opportunities to patent around and “box in” competitors, and identify industry trends years before next generation products hit the market.

IP creates core business value. Gibbs creates core IP value.

Contact Gibbs when you need the leader in our industry to help you become the leader in yours.