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Mr. Gibbs is a internationally peer-ranked authority on the strategic use of patent information to shape and support strategic business and marketing objectives. He applies exclusive patent analytics processes for each investment due diligence report.

He has written extensively on the subject matter, has been awarded multiple patents related to patent data retrieval and analysis, and has published numerous reports, technical white papers and internationally-distributed business books teaching patent-based business intelligence.

This section presents a small selection of these case studies and publications used by venture investors, corporate managers, start up CEOs and government agencies.

Related Patents

1. System and Method for Analyzing Patent Value (PDF)

2.  System and Method for Conducting a Patent Search (PDF)

3.  System and Method of Identifying Subject Matter Experts through Patent Data Mining (PDF)

Articles and Reports

1.  Disruptive Patent-Centric Due Diligence - the new investment due diligence driven by $2.5B Apple v. Samsung

2.  Automaker Patent Assets Intelligence Report - delivered to President Obama's Auto Task Force, March 2009 (8MB PDF).

3.  Strategic Use of Patent Information in Business.

4.  The IP Management Audit: Start Top-down, Then Across Down

5.  Shareholders Hold CEOs Responsible for IP Value

6.  Managing Patents in the Human Resources Department

7.  CFO Duties: Managing Patents in the Finance Department

8.  Managing Patents in the Information Technology Department

9.  Few 'Innovative' Companies Actually Innovate!

Case Studies

1.  New Business Currently Fundraising $500K: Diet / Weight Management Company ($1bn competitors: Jenny Craig™, Weight Watchers®)

2.  Samsung Laptop Market Analysis (target competitor: Toshiba)

3. Analysis of United States Patents and Published Applications by Broadly Defined HydroPower Market Segment (PDF).

4. Patent-based Comparative Core Technology Analysis of Environmentally Aware Innovators Across the Green Technology Spectrum. (PDF)

White Papers

1. Statistical Analysis and Measurements of Patent Quality Indicators Within Semantically Defined Homogeneous Control Groups (Presented at Columbia University) (PDF)

2.  Application of Known Determinants to Evaluate Legal, Commercial and Technical Value of Patents.

3.  Practical Application of Statistical Patent Quality Analysis of Patent Portfolios for Decision Support in Intellectual Property Management. (PDF)

4. 6-Sigma Patent Data Quality and Applied Semantic Analysis Technology in Patent Research. (PDF)

5. Advanced document retrieval techniques for patent research (Elsevier World Patent Research)