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Creating Successful Pro sports and film celebrity businesses Michaek Jordan, Suzanne Somers, Hulk Hogan, Dan Akyroyd Heidi Montag J Lo, Kim BassingerGibbs creates exclusive new businesses for retired pro sports athletes and Hollywood film and TV celebrities.

Kim Bassinger's vision of transforming Braselton, GA to a tourist destination cost her $19 million. World Series champion Lenny Dykstra filed bankruptcy after his businesses lost $37 million. Heidi Montag’s clothing line ‘Heidiwood’ for Anchor Blue was shuttered after just one year. Steven Spielberg's "Dive!" restaurants barely made it to the 4-year mark before shutting down. Jennifer Lopez' Madres Restaurant, as well as her three clothing lines, all lost money, and were shuttered. Eva Longoria's Las Vegas Beso Restaurant and Nightclub lost $5.7 million before filing for bankruptcy. Hulk Hogan's "Pastamania" restaurants closed in under a year. And that's the short list of failed celebrity businesses.

On the other hand, Suzanne Somers combined "Celebrity" with patents and trademarks, and she's been cashing ThighMaster® checks for nearly twenty years, and Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head vodka is flying off the shelves. Somers, Aykroyd, and dozens of other celebrities have created off-field, and off-screen business successes.

Celebrities' agents and managers know the entertainment and professional sports worlds. But Gibbs knows the business start up world.

From market research and original business plan development, to turnkey product development and business operations startup, Gibbs consulting helps celebrities bridge between entertainment or pro sports success, to celebrity entrepreneur dominance in the business world.

  • “Side Business” Start up Venture Counseling
  • Strategies to Leverage Celebrity's Name and Likeness
  • Full Collaboration with Celebrities and their Agents
  • As needed: start up business plans, to product development, to turnkey startup and business management.

Celebrities have more at stake. Big business failure is expensive, but it can damage their celebrity name and reputation. We work closely with each celebrity's agents and legal counsel to design businesses that preserve that goodwill.

Gibbs' 30-year professional reputation and goodwill lies in our perpetual commitment to high performance business development, and absolute client confidentiality (we've even held US Government Top Secret clearances).

Inquiries from celebrity's agents and managers, and representatives of angel and institutional investment firms are treated with absolute confidentiality.

Ex Pro Sports Athletes

Cal Ripkin ex pro sports athlete entrepreneurCal Ripkin moved his competitive lifestyle from the filed to the beef jerky world - and he's still winning!

Professional Sports careers are short: NFL - 3.5 yrs, NBA - 4.8 yrs, MLB - 5.6 yrs, NHL - 5.5 yrs.

Sadly, seventy-eight percent of former NFL players are in significant debt, or are facing bankruptcy after only two years of retirement.

We have news for you. Competition on the field is nothing compared to the 24/7/365 competition you'll face in the business world.

We'll start businesses for retired pro sports athletes that create life-long, life-after-sports challenges and rewards - and we'll stack the game in their favor.

When it's time to get of the bench and back into the game, call us. We'll help you create a winning offense.

Film and Entertainment Celebrities

Sandra Bullock celebrity business ownerSandra Bullock took her "Girl Next Door" fame to the streets of Austin -and created the winning "bistro" next door.

Unlike retired pro sports athletes, entertainment celebrities are often called away to months-long location shoots or film opening promotions. We know that filming on the road makes it difficult to run a business.

Celebrity business absentee ownership is a challenge, and success depends on building a solid product or service foundation, managed by competent professionals.

Gibbs consulting can build your turnkey start up business, develop your products, and hand over an intellectual property based, market competitive organization to your trusted management team.

Write the script for your dream business, we'll patent it, and handle the production. Have you agent give us a call.

Celebrity Business Winners

  • Suzanne Summers + ThighMaster patent = $100,000,000 business
  • Ron Popiel + patented counter-top rotisserie = $1 billion business
  • Michael Jordan - the endless stream of businesses and endorsements of trademarked, patented and copyrighted products and services generate over $40 million annually.
  • David Bowie broke the mold on traditional music industry royalty incomes when he sold $55 million worth of “Bowie Bonds” secured by the FUTURE royalties of copyrighted songs he had not even released. That’s one good pay-day advance from leveraging IP.
  • Apple – Well, Jobs and Woz weren't celebrities when they started Apple, but the rest, as they say, "is history".
  • Gibbs Consulting can build your intellectual property based celebrity business.

Celebrity Business Losers

  • Brittany Spears’ Nyla Restaurant – cute “Nyla” brand became associated with poor quality - the name lost all intellectual property value.
  • Steven Spielberg's Dive! Restaurant - was one of many “themed” restaurants in the 1990s - it lasted about 4 years.
  • Natalie Portman’s Vegan-Friendly Footwear – classic “I’m going to start a business because I like the cause” blunder. Portman line of footwear made “without harming animals”, was not proprietary, and had no intellectual property protection.
  • Jackie Chan opened car repair shops, gyms, gift shops and restaurants over two decades ago, but he said they failed because he wasn't savvy enough in business. He says he now hires professional businessmen to do the nitty-gritty work, while he makes strategic decisions.
  • Gibbs Consulting can handle all of the "nitt-gritty" parts of your celebrity business.
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