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Our clients demand innovation excellence - of themselves, and of us. We help clients become industry leaders by refining traditional business models, and by inventing new models to deliver the competitive advantage.

Business plans were never meant to be fictional stories filled with self aggrandizing accolades. Real business plans are operational plans that detail every component of the business, and are built from the bottom up. Product engineering, budgets, personnel, and most importantly, the intellectual property strategy that the company will follow, are all instrumental components of outstanding business plans.

We write business plans for venture capital investment and bank financing.

We stand alone in architecting every operational department of a new business around a tightly woven core of intellectual property - strategically developed patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other high value IP.

Most clients come to us without a competitively superior IP portfolio - so we create one. We're one of the few business consultancies in the world that specialize in creating IP value for startup businesses.

Our Business and Operations Plans help our clients:

  • Define superior products
  • Capture new market share
  • Dominate competitors
  • Secure venture capital investment
  • Establish a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Create corporate equity value for all stakeholders

Contact Gibbs when you need the leader in our industry to help you become the leader in yours.