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We write business plans for venture capital for companies committed to dominating their markets.

We’ve been there and we deliver!

Our clients will never be assigned to junior associates just now testing business theories learned in college. All client work is performed by practitioners who have started and run their own companies. The rely on Gibbs for three key reasons:

  1. We have first-hand experience as founders of many new business start ups.
  2. We have proven know-how in structuring start up businesses with a robust intellectual property foundation (99% of all business plan writers and consultants have never filed a patent, nor developed a competitive intellectual property strategy).
  3. We know what investors and lenders expect to see in a business plan (We perform business plan due diligence for venture capitalists).

Our Business and Operations Plans are individually developed, beginning with deep market research to ensure the company is pursuing a large, growing market. Then, the plan is developed specifically around products and services that are designed to outperform the competition. By incorporating a solid intellectual property strategy (patent strategy, trademark and branding strategy, and copyrights), we not only put companies on a targeted growth trajectory, we help them maintain their competitive advantage once they begin capturing market share.

We believe (and venture capitalists agree with us), that business plans built using inexpensive business plan samples or business plan template software simply don't provide the depth of operational disclosure that proves the business founders really have their house in order. Most business plan templates read like a fiction novel, not a professional operations plan.

Since every business is unique, they need unique solutions to their challenges and problems. This is why we never use business plan software templates designed for cookie-cutter businesses.

Our expert start up business consulting and advisory services include:

New Venture Business Plans

Intellectual Property Strategy

  • IP Strategic Planning to Capture Market Share
  • Define Superior Products for R&D
  • Inventory Existing Proprietary Intangible Assets
  • Expand IP Portfolios by “Inventing-on-Demand”*
  • Prepare or Acquire Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
  • Support the Company's Patent Attorneys

*Patent attorneys cannot invent for their clients.

Product / Market Research

  • Technology and Patent Landscape Assessment
  • New Product Evaluation (manufacturability, salability)
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence & Analysis – Evaluation of Competitors’ IP Strategies
  • New Market Opportunity Identification and Assessment

Turnkey Business Start up

  • Business and Operations Plan Development
  • Coordinating with attorneys for proper form of incorporation
  • "On-Demand Inventing", Product Engineering, Marketing Program and Sales Channel Development
  • Assistance with Investment Fundraising
  • Secure facility, staff and begin operations.

Contact Gibbs when you need the leader in our industry to help you become the leader in yours.