In financial circles, a “unicorn” is startup that reaches a $1 billion market cap, so named because of its apparent rarity. In some self aggrandized illusion, nascent entrepreneurs have so overused words like “unicorn” and “disruptive” to describe their business concepts that they are becoming meaningless. The fact does remain that when the financial industry adds the tag “unicorn” to a startup, it indeed has reached the $1 billion mark.

Although Unicorn, Inc, my current startup, is certainly destined to become a financial unicorn, the corporate name wasn’t chosen as a bombastic attempt to naively identify this startup as a financial unicorn.

Mythological unicorns are different from financial unicorns. They are they only creatures that used their immense strength to protect others! The unicorn horn could heal sickness, detect poison in food and water, and render the poisons harmless.

Throughout the ages, unicorns have been revered and respected as strong but gentle creatures of grace that use their magical powers for the greater good.

Kings and emperors believed that unicorns were the source of their strength, vitality and longevity.

As a new disruptive pet care company, Unicorn Inc. was founded on the same benevolent principles of doing good for all of the companion animals around us. From our dozens of product, process and technology inventions that monitor a pet’s nutrition and every day health, to our line of super premium dog and cat foods (based on eco-beneficial meat-alternative proteins), we’ll show that the magical health and healing powers of the unicorn are no longer a myth.

The series of posts under this category is a journey – from conceptualizing this company, to defining objectives, and memorializing the many course-correcting decisions along the way. While the “secret sauce” of this startup is something that may be the topic of some future articles, this category will nevertheless show the blueprint for building Unicorn, Inc.